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O Carregador de Histórias


Read the story , Mommy Bird, which  has was published in O Popular newspaper (May 8th, 2012):

The Story Bearer

Sometime ago I heard a story that one never forgets.The story was about a little boy just like you, who loved to hear stories that make the night monsters go away.The boy had a weird name: The Story Bearer. In fact, his name wasn’t this one, but he was known for this nickname since he had decided to cage and carry all the stories that he heard.You might be thinking how did this all begin, right?

Well, I heard that one night the little boy had a dream, almost a nightmare. He dreamt that all the stories were running away from him. He ran, screamed, jumped but the stories wouldn’t listen or see him. The boy was desperate, he tried to catch the stories like someone who catches butterflies, but the stories were like water dropping down.

He woke up very worried and decided to put all the stories in an old cage, a cage that kept the memory of his run away bird. He would go everywhere with his cage full of stories. He would never leave it. He used to study, play, travel – and the cage was always with him. Nobody understood him! The Story Bearer didn’t care at all, he would carry his cage as a treasure.

Days passed by and the boy began to notice that the stories seemed weird , they seemed thinner and sad. Their voices did no longer sound the same, they were weak and he needed to make a big effort to hear them.  So one day, they became silent.

The Story Bearer didn’t know what to do, he tried to feed the stories but nothing happened. He tried to take them to see beautiful sceneries but they wouldn’t say a word. He talked to them, but there were no answers. So as  his dear stories, the little boy became sad.One day, he decided to set the stories free. The stories no longer kept him company they were dead. So, the boy opened the cage and the stories flew like birds breaking the silence and spreading themselves into the immense sky. The boy cried as he felt goodbye pain, after a while he fell asleep.

After some hours of sleeping, a song that tells a beautiful story woke him up. He was very happy, dancing as he saw that one of his stories came back, he could recognize her and now she was more beautiful than ever.Therefore the little story bearer saw that the stories have a free nature, one can’t imprison them. They need to travel in order to come back with different features, colours and perfumes.

But the story is not over yet. The little boy who loved stories so much  found out that he didn’t need to carry any of them, because they were all inside of him. So, he began to write the stories on small  pieces of paper. However, they would still travel, but this time they were book travellers.

Now, do you want to know what happened to the Story Bearer? He grew up and became a writer. Nowadays he travels the world, free as his stories.

Published in O Popular Newspaper ( March, 2011)

Illustrator: Polly Duarte

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  1. A cada dia o orgulho aumenta.
    Parabéns, continue criativa, vc tem um presente e futuro prá lá de promissores.A mensagem do texto foi muito bacana.beijos,christina

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