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Mãe Passarinho – O Popular


Read the story , Mommy Bird, which  has was published in O Popular newspaper (May 8th, 2012):

Mommy Bird

The story I am going to tell you is a story about all the mothers from this world, the story of Mommy Bird.

Mommy Bird has always dreamed of having a bird only for herself. Only for her to love, to feed, to teach how to fly, to avoid him from falling down and to never leave him alone. Or would it be the other way around? Only for him to love her, to feed her, to (re)teach her how to fly, to nestle in her arms whenever he would fall and to never leave her alone?

Well, I have never understood the right order of this story; I am not a mum yet. My mum always says that the day when I will become a mother I will understand many stories; maybe I will understand this one too.

One day finally, Mommy Bird, who back then wasn’t yet a mom, layed out an egg. She warmed and took care of the egg constantly. She knew that the little egg contained the whole love in this world.

But wait a minute, how did Mommy Bird know that? She didn’t see the egg filling face? How could she possibly know that whoever was inside the egg was THE WHOLE LOVE IN THIS WORLD?

This story is full of questions; my mum says that mothers’ love doesn’t have answers. She even says that THE WHOLE LOVE IN THIS WORLD was already spread before the egg cracked. This love was so magic that from that day on it turned the bird into Mommy Bird.

In the day known as THE HAPPIEST DAY OF ONE’ S LIFE, Little Bird hatched from the egg and for the first time showed his little face. Indeed, his face was just like THE WHOLE LOVE IN THIS WORLD.

Mommy Bird fed and caressed her small and fragile bird. He slept and dreamed under her wings in a cozy nest. Not even for a moment, he suspected that there was a huge world outside the nest. 

Time went by and Mommy Bird began to teach Little Bird to fly and to find food. Many times Little Bird wanted to fly higher, but Mommy Bird was afraid that he would fall down. I think she had forgotten how many times she had fallen down. Well, mums are like that, they usually have a short memory. 

Mommy Bird’s constant fear would avoid Little Bird to fly on his own, he was always by her sight. However, as Little Bird was growing his desire to fly grew higher, his willingness to see the huge world as a small ball from the top in the sky was growing with him.

There came the day Little Bird told his mum that it was about time for him to fly higher. His mum couldn’t understand why he wanted to leave the comfort of the nest she built for him, where everything was so familiar.

Little Bird couldn’t  explain his desires to her. Or maybe it was her that didn’t want to understand it. It seemed their world, which before was one, had been split into multiple ones. Or maybe it was their eyes that changed, and as result they no longer could see the same world.

Anyhow, Little Bird packed his suitcase promising to send news and to come back soon.

Mommy Bird thought that THE WHOLE LOVE IN THE WORLD was gone with Little Bird. Her nest seemed so big and was not so warm as it used to be. 

After few days Little Bird was back. He was flying with difficulty as he had a damaged wing. His mum soon figured out that Little Bird had fallen for the first time, so she felt so sad about it and told him:

My son, I told you that if you would fly without knowing the way you could fall

Bird answered:

Mum, falling into the unknown is like falling upon ourselves, we can break a leg, but we mend so many other things.

Mommy Bird didn’t really understand him. She thought that Little Bird had strange ideas, she insisted however to take care of his broken wing. She only decided to let him fly away when she was sure the wing was totally healed.

Once again Little Bird left. And once again he came back. Now he had a broken foot. Once again Mommy Bird got worried, but Little Bird explained:

Mum, a broken foot can be treated, but a life without stories is so sad that no remedy can heal it.

Years passed by and Little Bird would always leave and break his mum’s heart. But he would always come back more handsome, stronger and full of interesting stories. His mum would long for his visits and conversations.

One day, Little Bird came back with his Love Bird and their little birds. Mommy Bird then became a grandma and as the story gained more characters, it also gained more pages.

After spending sometime together, Little Bird left with his family. By this time, he didn’t break Mommy Bird’s heart. She realized that she couldn’t have Little Bird only for herself. He had built another nest, a huge nest, THE WHOLE WORD.

Oh, but don’t you think that Mommy Bird stop flying. Actually, Mommy Bird began to fly with her son, after all half of herself was made of Little Bird and the other half was made of THE WHOLE LOVE IN THE WORLD.

Published in O Popular Newspaper ( May, 2011)

11 thoughts on “Mãe Passarinho – O Popular

  1. Tão lindo! Continue escrevendo prá me arrepiar e me fazer chorar… Tão bom chorar disso…Parabéns pela deliciosa veia literária.

  2. Esses seus contos são de uma sensibilidade incrível! acessa tantos mundos simbólicos… encantamento, primeiramente!
    Fiquei tão encantada que vou ali ficar pertinho do meu Todo Amor do Mundo…

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