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Pain, shame and blame

Paint by Marlene Dumas
Mamma Roma

I heard a story
An unbearable story
She was a girl who had dreams and a future
She, like any other girl, had her body
And her body was hers, nobody else’s

They torn her body along with her human nature
They penetrated her soul, her parts
Threw her out from a night bus just like garbage

I think to myself
Who carries the pain of this world?
Who carries the shame of this world?
Who carries the blame of this world?

Rapist and murders do they carry all that alone?
Are they the only ones possessed by some kind of evil?
If so, why can’t we catch the evil and solve the problem?
Shouldn’t be so hard, the girl’s body was devastated
Blood and death everywhere

Who carries this atrocity?
Rapist and murders are jailed and will be hanged
Will evil die with them?
Other devastated girls are there to prove, evil won’t die so easily

Who carries the blame?
We all do
When we allow our kids to live in misery
When domestic violence is a common place
When we teach boys not to cry and girls to behave like “a girl”
When our speech stands for him but not for her
When we disregard the power of words
When we ignore that words do hurt and often, do kill

Who carries the shames of this world?
We all do
Schools do when it closes the doors for girls
Parents, politicians, voters do when supporting childhood marriages
Common citizens do when stealing women’s right to her body and desire
Corporations do when choosing gender over competence
Media does when only gives voice to bodies and beauty

Who carries the pain of this world?
We all do
Parents who buried their girls
Girls who lost their bodies, lives and dreams
Men disposed of tears, incapable of loving another human being
Families torn apart
Our kids and grandkids lost in our vices

Who carries all the pain, shame and blame of this world?
We all do
Evil never stands alone

* In memory of Jyoti and all the India’s daughters around the world

(Painting by Marlene Dumas – Mamma Roma 2012)

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